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Off-topic post: Anime I watched and am watching.

Lately, while I haven’t been able to make much progress on the projects on this website, I’ve been watching anime. Here I will talk about some of the anime I watched, and am currently watching.

Summer 2015 Anime

In this period I watched three anime: Castle Town Dandelion, School-Live!, and Wakaba*Girl. Notably, all three of these anime were adaptations of Manga Time Kirara manga (although Wakaba*Girl only became part of Manga Time Kirara after the magazine it was originally published in was cancelled and the manga finished as a result). Also notable is that M.A.O played a role in all three of these anime, either in a major or a minor role (one of Akane’s classmates in Castle Town Dandelion, a main character in School-Live! and Wakaba*Girl).

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