From the Scattered Petals, to the Blooming Flower

From the Scattered Petals, to the Blooming Flower is a story set in a universe similar to that of Innocence Seekers. It follows a group of girls from Mikura Elementary School as they come to terms with the fact that monsters have suddenly appeared all around the world, indiscriminately killing people. These girls received the ability to use magic from a being who wanted to ensure humanity’s survival, and this power will prove to be pivotal in the survival of the human race.

The story will be split into five chapters, each with a yet-undetermined number of episodes.

Main Characters:

  • Teru Umuro (宇室 照)
    Birthday: August 7 (star sign: Leo)
    Magic colour: Yellow
  • Amane Tabata (多畑 天音)
    Birthday: November 12 (star sign: Scorpio)
    Magic colour: White
  • Sayo Moede (萌出 佐代)
    Birthday: May 29 (star sign: Gemini)
    Magic colour: Purple
  • Mitsuki Hagami (葉上 美月)
    Birthday: September 14 (star sign: Virgo)
    Magic colour: Cyan
  • Hinata Amamori (天森 ひなた)
    Birthday: December 3 (star sign: Sagittarius)
    Magic colour: Orange
  • Nazuna Hisaizumi (久泉 なずな)
    Birthday: February 27 (star sign: Pisces)
    Magic colour: Green
  • Suzuka Kurase (倉瀬 すずか)
    Birthday: January 17 (star sign: Capricorn)
    Magic colour: Magenta
  • Kana Asahina (朝日奈 かな)
    Birthday: February 9 (star sign: Aquarius)
    Magic colour: Pink
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More will be posted at a later date.