Monthly Archives: March 2018

General mini-post 1

This is just an update on what I am doing right now. Lately, I’ve been having hardware issues with my own computer, so episode 27 of Innocence Seekers: April Light was delayed. The issues I had to deal with involved random, sporadic crashes affecting both Windows (which bluescreened) and Linux (which just hung) once every few days, which I tracked down to a possible processor issue (analysing both Windows kernel crash dumps and Linux oops and panic logs suggested a bad register in the general-purpose register file causing bit 47 to be set to zero, causing kernel address references to become noncanonical and resulting in a #GP; note that bits 47-63 must be identical for address references). I considered getting an entirely new computer (considering I had it for two years), but decided to just replace the processor so I could one day give it to my nephew once I get a new computer (of course, that will also mean a new SSD for this one). So far, no crashes, and that means episode 27 is now out.

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