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"Modum nostrum, fatum nostrum legimus. Nemo alius pro nobis legere potest." ("We choose our own way, our own destiny. No one else can choose for us")

The Innocence Seekers series (イノセンス・シーカーズ~純粋な心を持つ女子の物語~, lit. Innocence Seekers: Tales of the Pure-Hearted Girls) is a multi-part series spanning centuries. The series itself is split into numbered sagas which last anywhere from 30 years to a century, and each saga is split into entries, which detail a specific story. The series will not have a single main chararacter spanning the entire series, due to its timespan, but each entry of each saga will have their own protagonists.


The Innocence Seekers series is split into individual sagas. These sagas define a time period in which the stories take place, and many stories taking place within a saga are interrelated. Because of the timespans between sagas, very few characters are shared between sagas.

List of sagas:


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Translation notes

To Japanese

When numbering individual episodes, the following counters are to be used:

  • Saga numbers use 期
  • Entry numbers (in chronological order) use 巻
  • Chapter numbers use 章
  • Episode numbers use 話

As such, Episode 21 of Innocence Seekers: April Light would be numbered as 1期11巻2章9話 or 1期11巻21話.