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"Mundum sustinere, multae vires requiruntur. Mundum delere, una vis solum requiritur." ("To sustain the world, many forces are needed. To destroy the world, only one is needed.")

Innocence Seekers: April Light (イノセンス・シーカーズ~四月の光~) is an entry of Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose. A sequel to Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light and Innocence Seekers: Mimori Flower Club, the story follows Uzuki Miyana and her friends, as they are dragged into a conflict which could have massive repercussions for the galaxy. The story for this entry will be published in full on this website.


Main characters

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Uzuki Miyana (宮奈 卯月)

Main article: Uzuki Miyana

Uzuki is Yayoi's younger sister, and is currently living in Tokyo, within Sumire's residence. Uzuki is known to be quite timid, and heavily reliant on her older sisters and Sumire, but when the situation calls for it, she can show a near-unwavering determination.

The flower associated with Uzuki is the Deutzia crenata (known in Japanese as 卯の花 u no hana).

Louise (ルイーズ)

Main article: Louise of Likkra

Louise is a princess of Likkra and Amelia's youngest sister.

Himawari (ひまわり)

Main article: Himawari of Namari

Himawari is a princess of Namari and Erika's younger sister. She appears to be quite close to Akari.

Like with Amelia, Akari and the other Himawari, the flower associated with Himawari is the sunflower.

Wakaba Harumi (春海 若葉)

Main article: Wakaba Harumi

Wakaba is one of Uzuki's friends and a third cousin of Mizuki.

The flower associated with Wakaba is the Japanese wisteria.

Aoi Higasa (日傘 あおい)

Main article: Aoi Higasa

Aoi is one of Uzuki's friends and Himawari Higasa's younger sister.

The flower associated with Aoi is the hollyhock.

Benio Shinokura (篠倉 紅緒)

Main article: Benio Shinokura

Benio is one of Uzuki's friends and a second cousin of both Akari and Inori (although her relationship with Akari is through her mother and with Inori her father).

The flower associated with Benio is the peony.

Lyra (ライラ)

Main article: Lyra (The Black Rose)

Lyra is a mysterious girl whom Himawari (the princess) befriended. Not much is known about her, and it is not clear if she is even a human.


The story will be split into several chapters, and will be posted here.

List of chapters:


  • The title of this entry, April Light, is a reference to both the initial setting of the story (April 2012) and to the protagonist Uzuki (whose name is also the traditional name of the fourth month of the Japanese calendar).

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