Uzuki Miyana

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Uzuki Miyana
Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose character
Basic Profile
Name (Japanese) 宮奈 卯月
Date of Birth May 13, 2002
Gender Female
Handedness Right
Magic Colour Yellow
Elemental Affinity Thunder

Uzuki Miyana (宮奈 卯月) is a character who appears in Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose. She first appears in Innocence Seekers: The Silver Princess alongside her eldest sister Mutsuki. She is the protagonist of Innocence Seekers: April Light.

Uzuki is rather timid, and is known to rely heavily on others, particulary her older sisters, and Sumire. However, hiding behind her timid personality is a strong will and determination, and when the situation becomes very tough, Uzuki will see to it that her objectives are accomplished no matter what. Like Yayoi, Uzuki cares deeply for her younger sister Satsuki.

As a mage, Uzuki is an electric magic user, who is proficient with the sword. In terms of general proficiency she is similar to Akari, not having a specific attribute or skill she is proficient in, but showing some proficiency across all attributes. Her Inherent Ability is Lunar Lightning (月の雷, tsuki no kaminari), which allows her to strike anyone or anything, anywhere in the galaxy, with a massive electric attack. The attack is powerful enough to cripple even Donsilan spaceships; if used on a single person, only a very powerful magical girl or being with equivalent power can withstand the attack even when the target is using all his/her power to stop the attack. Such an attack cannot be evaded, but it can be blocked. The main drawbacks are that Uzuki must be in Full Burst mode to use it, she must know where her target is, and it uses a large percentage of her total mana pool. Also, the fact that it is elemental means that it can be resisted. Its maximum range is not clear; however, a Donsilan mentions that it may not be effective beyond 250,000 light years.



Uzuki is the fourth of five sisters. Her parents and her older sisters loved her dearly. When she was six, she was sent to Japan to live with Sumire's family, who were friends with Uzuki's family. While in Japan, she attended Mimori Elementary School, and became friends with Wakaba and Aoi. Sometime after the events of Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light, Uzuki became friends with Benio.

In the time period between Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light and Innocence Seekers: April Light, Uzuki was inspired by her sister to help protect the galaxy, but was unsure whether she was powerful enough to be as strong as her sister. However, Inori assured her that she was powerful enough to equal her sister, and said that she had the potential to one day be even more powerful than Akari.



Innocence Seekers: The Silver Princess

Uzuki makes her first appearance in this entry. While the characters were visiting Yaezora, Mutsuki offered to show the characters around her house, while Yayoi and Uzuki were still there.

Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light

Uzuki appears in this entry as a minor character.

Innocence Seekers: Mimori Flower Club

Uzuki is part of the supporting cast in this entry.

Innocence Seekers: April Light

Uzuki is the protagonist of this entry.

Innocence Seekers: New World Revolution

Uzuki appears as a supporting character in this entry. In this entry, she largely plays the same role Yayoi did in Innocence Seekers: April Light, offering support to Satsuki and to the main characters in general.


  • Uzuki is known for giving nicknames to other characters. She uses the following nicknames (not an exhaustive list):
Character Nickname
Inori Akagawa Inorin (いのりん)
Mirai Aooka Mi-chan (みーちゃん)
Sakura Hanazono Sa-chan (さーちゃん)
Aoi Higasa Aocchi (あおっち)
Himawari Higasa Himacchi (ひまっち)
Miho Koyanagi Miporin (みぽりん)
Akari Kuritani Akacchi (あかっち)
Michiru Kurosawa Chiru-chan (ちるちゃん)
Aika Ōtora Ai-chan (あいちゃん)
Sumire Shiba Sumippe (すみっぺ)
Tamaki Urushibayashi Tama-chan (たまちゃん)
  • Despite this, she does not call Satsuki "Satchan" (さっちゃん).
  • Similarly, she is called "U-chan" (うーちゃん) by Miho and Lyra.
  • From Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light onwards, Uzuki is almost always seen with a pair of yellow crescent moon hairclips and a bunny-shaped hairpiece. While the bunny-shaped hairpiece is unique to Uzuki (thanks to her love of rabbits), the crescent moon hairclips are one distinguishing feature of the Miyana sisters (although each girl has her hairclips in her own magic colour).
  • Uzuki, like the other Miyana sisters (as well as her niece), is named after a traditional Japanese month. Despite this, their assigned names do not match with their dates of birth. In Uzuki's case, she was actually born on May 13, 2002 by Earth reckoning, and August 31, 2201 by Fuenodian reckoning. Although, as she explains, her name is still fitting as she is a Taurus on Earth.