Yayoi Miyana

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Yayoi Miyana
Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose character
Basic Profile
Name (Japanese) 宮奈 弥生
Date of Birth August 15, 1999
Gender Female
Handedness Right
Magic Colour Green
Elemental Affinity Wind, Thunder

Yayoi Miyana (宮奈 弥生) is a character who appears in Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose. She first appears in Innocence Seekers: The Silver Princess alongside her eldest sister Mutsuki. She is part of the main cast in Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light and is a supporting character in Innocence Seekers: Mimori Flower Club.

Yayoi is somewhat outgoing, allowing her to easily make friends. However, when she was younger, she was a bully, and often teased her classmate and future friend Michiru. Yayoi herself notes that if it were not for Akari, she would still be a bully. Because of this past, Yayoi sometimes feels insecure with regards to how others see her. While not often seen, Yayoi does have a caring side to her, especially with regards to her younger sisters.

As a mage, Yayoi is a wind and electric elemental magic user, who prefers ranged combat both with weapons (primarily the bow) and spells. Her raw power output is low compared to that of Akari and Mirai but she more than makes up for her lack of power with her speed, skill and casting time. Her Inherent Ability is Follower (尾行, bikō), which allows her attacks to hit fast-moving targets (and potentially getting a power boost due to increased kinetic energy of the attack). Theoretically, an attack boosted by Follower can reach the speed of light and change direction without a change in speed. The main limitations of Follower are that it cannot be used to direct an attack onto a specific point on the target, it cannot be used to increase the power of any attack on a stationary target, and the power of a boosted attack cannot be controlled.



Yayoi is the third of five sisters. Being the middle child, she was often ignored by her parents in favour of her younger sisters, and her parents did not expect as much from her as her older sisters. Tired of being ignored all the time, Yayoi started to behave badly, both at home and at school. This eventually resulted in her getting into a fight with Akari after Akari spotted Yayoi bullying Michiru. After the girls made up and became friends, Yayoi realised that it was better for her to make friends who will play with her than try and get attention doing bad things.

Soon after Satsuki's birth, Yayoi's parents died in mysterious circumstances. As a result, Misato invited Yayoi to stay at her house, which she accepted.



Innocence Seekers: The Silver Princess

Yayoi makes her first appearance in this entry. While the characters were visiting Yaezora, Mutsuki offered to show the characters around her house, while Yayoi and Uzuki were still there.

Innocence Seekers: The Dark Angel Part 3

Yayoi makes multiple appearances in this entry, but is a minor character associated with Sumire. It is hinted that Yayoi and Sumire became friends because Uzuki was staying at Sumire's residence.

Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light

Yayoi is part of the main cast in this entry.

Innocence Seekers: Mimori Flower Club

Yayoi is a supporting character in this entry, having come with Mirai to Japan.

Innocence Seekers: April Light

Yayoi is a supporting character in this entry, serving in a mentor role to Uzuki and her friends.


Note that Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose has a predominantly female cast, so expect yuri subtext in every entry.

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  • Yayoi's nicknames include "Mitsuki" (三月, used by some of her classmates, given as "Yayoi" is the third month), "Miyacchi" (宮っち, originally used by Hiyori, derived from her surname) and "Midori" (緑, occasionally used by Sakura, referencing her green hair and magic colour). Very rarely, she is referred to as "Ya-chan" (やーちゃん), a nickname derived by analogy from the other Miyana sisters' nicknames ("Mutchan" むっちゃん, "Ki-chan" きーちゃん, "U-chan" うーちゃん, "Satchan" さっちゃん) and invented by Miho.
  • Yayoi has a tendency to use nicknames to refer to other characters (such as "Chiru-chan" (ちるちゃん) for Michiru). This is a trait also shared with her younger sister Uzuki.
  • Yayoi, like her sisters, is named after a traditional Japanese month (in Yayoi's case the third month, hence the nickname of "Mitsuki").
  • Yayoi is the only one of the Miyana sisters to not have the kanji for "moon" (月) in her given name.
  • The flowers associated with Yayoi and Sumire are part of the same genus (Viola).