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In the Innocence Seekers and Yume ni Aruku series, Full Burst (フルバースト) is a mode which mages can enter. It gives them a significant power boost and special abilitites, at the expense of increased mana consumption. The actual nature of Full Burst mode differs between different mages.

Entering Full Burst mode

For most mages, he/she must undergo intense training in order to even be able to enter Full Burst mode. However, once it is unlocked, it can be entered by uttering a short phrase (chosen during the training required to unlock the mode). Magical girls already have the ability to enter Full Burst mode without undergoing training; their activation phrase is "Bloom, my flower!" (Japanese: 「我が花よ、咲け!」 Waga hana yo, sake!).


In the video games, Full Burst mode can only be entered when the character's Full Burst gauge is at maximum and he/she currently has at least 50 per cent MP. Once this mode is entered, the character's attacks deal four times their normal damage and all damage received by the character is reduced to 40 per cent. In addition, he/she becomes immune to all bad status effects. While in Full Burst mode, the character is able to access his/her Full Burst Skills, which deal massive damage to the enemy, but have high MP costs. In Full Burst Mode, the character is unable to recover MP (unless an Elixir is used), will lose one MP every single turn, and will leave Full Burst mode once his/her MP reaches zero.

Any characters incapacitated while in Full Burst mode remain in Full Burst mode.