Wakaba Harumi

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Wakaba Harumi
Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose character
Basic Profile
Name (Japanese) 春海 若葉
Date of Birth November 3, 2002
Gender Female
Handedness Right
Magic Colour Green
Elemental Affinity Wind, Wood

Wakaba Harumi (春海 若葉) is a character who appears in Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose. She first appears in Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light as one of Uzuki's friends. She plays a significant role in Innocence Seekers: April Light.

Wakaba is an outgoing, happy-go-lucky girl who easily makes friends. However, she has a tendency to get annoyed at the antics of others, particluarly Benio (with whom she bickers a lot), and does have a serious side. It is also noted that she is very intelligent, and capable of impressive deductions. While not as prominent as with Uzuki, Wakaba does have a sister complex.

As a mage, Wakaba is a wind magic user, who primarily uses the bow, although she is just as capable with guns. Her fighting style emphasises power and speed, making her a difficult opponent to fight. However, this comes at the cost of defensive power; it is often noted that she is the least resilient of all the main characters of Innocence Seekers: April Light, even less so than Eun-Yeong (who is otherwise the weakest of the thirteen girls). Wakaba is also proficient in healing magic, and serves as the group's primary healer. Her Inherent Ability is Infinity Arrow (無限矢 mugenshi), which gives her attacks the ability to bypass any obstacles on their way to their target, whether they be physical or magical, and deal as many as ten million hits per second. However, the amount of magical projectiles Wakaba can control while the ability is activated is severely limited (Melody mentions once that the absolute maximum is eight, and notes that Wakaba usually uses one projectile).



Wakaba is the second daughter of Yōko Harumi, a spell researcher for the Zodiac Warriors. Because of her parents' jobs, she does not see her parents as often, and she lives with Fuyuka and her third cousin Mizuki. While she attended Mimori Elementary School, she became friends with Uzuki, Aoi and Benio.

It is not clear how her parents' absence affected Wakaba. However, she came to rely more on her friends during the events of Innocence Seekers: Mimori Flower Club, and followed Uzuki and the others as they joined the Mimori Flower Club.



Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light

Wakaba appears in this entry as a minor character.

Innocence Seekers: Mimori Flower Club

Wakaba is part of the supporting cast in this entry.

Innocence Seekers: April Light

Wakaba is a major character in this entry, accompanying Uzuki on her journey.


  • Wakaba and her sisters all have the kanji for "leaf" (葉) in their names.
  • Wakaba is known to be an information technology enthusiast, and after the events of Innocence Seekers: April Light she becomes the poster child for multinational technology company Harumi Computing (partially owned by her grandfather).
    • Wakaba is also the namesake of the company's operating system.