Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – A sneak peek at chapter 4 of April Light

I am close to finishing the final episode of the third chapter of Innocence Seekers: April Light, but this blog post will show a few of the plans I have regarding the next chapter. It will be largely set on Elrodom, and follows the pattern of the previous two chapters, both of which involve searching for the World Orbs. However, there are some complications that set this chapter apart.

To start off, I will be introducing some new characters. This is typical as I transition to each new chapter, with Tamaki and Miho in chapter 2, and Eun-Yeong and Mira in chapter 3. I won’t mention who those characters are, but I will say that one will appear in the epilogue of episode 48.

I have yet to decide how long the fourth chapter will be. I’m thinking somewhere between 18 and 24 episodes, but that may change as I go on. Later chapters will likely have similar lengths.

This chapter will follow the pattern of the previous two chapters in that it follows the girls and their search for the World Orbs, but the geopolitical situation will complicate things. For starters, Gerudo has two of the World Orbs in its possession, and it is implied that it will be after the rest of the World Orbs. Bernim has already fallen, leaving Trulau (the current holder of the water-elemental World Orb) alone in its war against Gerudo.

In the mean time, what is Alcea’s true intention? She just left the water-elemental World Orb alone after inspecting it. And what is her connection with Akane anyway? I will reveal more about Alcea in this chapter, and I can say that this chapter and the next chapter will be important for her.

I believe I mentioned that Mutsuki was on an assignment in Elrodom before. So far, I haven’t elaborated on what she experienced, but it will have implications for the search for the World Orbs.

That will be all for now. I hope to begin chapter 4 sometime in July or August.