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Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – Datutan, a Donsilan language

This post will focus on one of the Donsilan languages I have in development. Datutan is the principal common language of the pendant holders and Alcea, and shares a great resemblance with the Indo-European languages (see my previous post for the reason). While it is still in its infancy, I can mention some things here.

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Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – Overview of the Donsilan languages

This post will go over the languages spoken by the Donsilans. By nature, the Donsilan languages have more grammatical “complexity” than human languages, making them rather difficult to learn for humans. In addition, Donsilan languages change little over the years (for the common language of the pendant holders, the writing system used can easily be written for 7,000-year-old language as it can be for the modern language).

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Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – Episode 49 of April Light is delayed

I had planned to release the first episode of the fourth chapter of Innocence Seekers: April Light sometime around August 24, but due to the death of my grandmother I have decided to delay the release of this episode. The episode’s release date has been pushed back to early or mid September, and I plan to take a break from site activities as I mourn.

Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – Upper monograde and bigrade verbs in Namari

This post will detail two particular categories of Namari verbs. One thing I noticed when going through Japanese verbs is that there are only a small number of upper vowel-stem verbs (ending in -iru) compared to their lower counterparts (ending in -eru). As such, I will analyse each Japanese upper vowel-stem verb and see if its Namari counterpart is also upper bigrade or upper monograde.

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Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – A sneak peek at chapter 4 of April Light

I am close to finishing the final episode of the third chapter of Innocence Seekers: April Light, but this blog post will show a few of the plans I have regarding the next chapter. It will be largely set on Elrodom, and follows the pattern of the previous two chapters, both of which involve searching for the World Orbs. However, there are some complications that set this chapter apart.

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Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose – Namari orthography and romanisation

This post details the orthography of Namari, as well as the main romanisation systems in use. Namari is primarily written in kana, although in the past Han characters have also been used (their use in the present day is largely limited to disambiguation). In terms of romanisation, the most common system is a modified version of the Hepburn system used to transliterate Japanese, although other systems are also in use.

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