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  • Off-topic post: Anime and manga discussion (sixth post)

    With September coming to an end, I felt like posting something, anything, on this blog for the month. This will be my sixth post on anime and manga, and I find it fitting to post this at this time, given the transition to a new anime season.

  • Off-topic post: My new computer

    While I have been working on my projects, including Innocence Seekers, in the last few weeks, this post will go over something different. Over the past few months, I have been gathering parts to build a replacement for my aging machine, and in the past few days, the last parts I needed arrived.

  • General (not-so-)mini-post 8

    This is my eighth general mini-post. Or, it would be a mini-post, if I didn’t decide to repost some things from the second one. In any case, I’m currently working on episode 43 of Innocence Seekers: April Light, although progress is slow. However, I will instead discuss the background setting of Innocence Seekers.

  • General mini-post 7

    This is my seventh general mini-post. I’m working on episode 42 of Innocence Seekers: April Light, although a combination of writers’ block and drowsiness (possibly a side effect of medication I’m taking) is partially hindering my progress.

  • General mini-post 6

    This is my sixth general mini-post. A few days ago I added episode 37 of Innocence Seekers: April Light to the site, and I’ve begun episode 38. Additionally, I’ve looked into plans for the fourth chapter, as well as plans for New World Revolution.

  • Off-topic post: Anime and manga discussion (fourth post)

    This is yet another post discussing the anime and manga I’m looking at. This season there were four anime I had planned to watch. So far, I’m only watching two, while I intend to watch the other two at a later date. In addition, there are a fair amount of anime I’m looking at for…

  • Off-topic post: The perils of the other world

    Okay, this blog post isn’t really about the “other world” (if there is one), but instead it is about the genre. In the past few years, such stories have become more common in anime, thanks to the huge proliferation of light novels in this genre.

  • General mini-post 4

    Apologies for the break I’m having from Innocence Seekers: April Light. However, I’m close to finishing episode 29, and will publish it within the next few days. However, this blog post will be yet another general mini-post.

  • Off-topic post: Anime and manga discussion (third post)

    This is another post discussing the anime and manga I’m looking at. So far, I’m watching one anime this season. I had considered others, but most of the others are either second/subsequent seasons of anime that I’ve yet to watch, works that don’t fit my rather strict criteria on what I will look into, works…

  • General mini-post 3

    This is my third update on what I am doing. A few days ago, I released episode 28 of Innocence Seekers: April Light, and I will begin episode 29 soon, health permitting. In the mean time, I’ve been considering some of the differences between the world of Innocence Seekers and our world.