General mini-post 7

This is my seventh general mini-post. I’m working on episode 42 of Innocence Seekers: April Light, although a combination of writers’ block and drowsiness (possibly a side effect of medication I’m taking) is partially hindering my progress.

I won’t speak about April Light here, since I don’t have anything new to say about it. However, I will continue my discussion on the general overhaul of the Innocence Seekers battle and stat system. I’ve decided to change how the characters’ stats are calculated. The old way involved using a single formula to determine each stat, in such a way that the actual value of each stat can be calculated on the fly. The new method instead includes a “Level 1” starting point, and stat increases per level up:

  • Starting = floor(Base ÷ 5)
  • Increase = floor(OldLevel × Base ÷ 100 + Base ÷ 10)
  • OldLevel is the level of the character before the level up.
  • The floor() function rounds the value down to the nearest integer.
  • With a base stat of 150, the character will start with 30 at level 1 (120 for HP, 12 for MP).

This means that stats from level-ups will instead be stored with the character data.

In addition, to accommodate the increased HP cap of 999,999,999,999,999, the caps I described in the first post on the overhaul relating to HP will increase by 10. This means that the HP multiplier can be as high as x1000 (random dungeon enemy HP multipliers will still be limited to x100), and HP improvements from Seeds will now be capped at 300 trillion. In addition, an additional stat, the HP affinity, will be added. This stat, which starts at 100% and can be increased to 1000%, determines how much HP increases from Seeds and equipment.

As part of the overhaul, I’ve decided not to have base HP and MP separately chosen. Instead, base HP will be the average of base ATK and base DEF, rounded down, and base MP will be the average of base INT and base RES, rounded down. This is part of the reason I need to redistribute stats for many characters (one of the main issues is that MP can become a dump stat if it can reach values in excess of a billion).

Finally, stat increases from starting over at level 1 will affect the base stats directly. This increase will not be linear, with base stats calculated as follows:

  • Base = OrigBase + ClassMasterBonus + floor((OrigBase + ClassMasterBonus) × sqrt(StoredLevels ÷ 100,000))
  • StoredLevels is the total amount of levels gained by the character.
  • ClassMasterBonus is the cumulative total of all bonuses to base stats from mastering classes.
  • The sqrt() function simply calculates the square root of a number.

Anyway, that will be it for Innocence Seekers.

Because I’ve largely focused on Innocence Seekers, I’ve neglected my side projects. However, from digging through my files, I found these concerning one of the languages that will be featured in Chronicles of the Horunian War:

  • There is a vowel harmony system, distinguishing heavy /u o ɔ/, light /y ø a/ and neutral /i e/. Heavy and light vowels cannot coexist in the same word.
  • The numerals from 1 to 10 are okòn, tuvo, tiris, berte, pumo, keris, etan, tobu, enian and kanet.

Anyway, on to other stuff. Having finished watching the anime that have aired this season, it’s time to look to the next. As usual, there isn’t much that interests me, although I’m planning on checking out some of them.
With regards to the anime I’ve watched that have aired this season, the stand out for me would be Bloom into You. I enjoyed this quite a fair bit, and if I were to give a rank, I would maybe give it an S-.

Anyway, with regards to manga, there isn’t that much I’ve picked up in the last few months. However, the latest issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat has indicated that the next three issues will have important announcements, and that for those issues they will not give the manga that will feature on the front cover until the actual release. Needless to say, this has created a lot of speculation regarding anime announcements. Some of this speculation involves announcements for additional seasons, something I consider highly unlikely as such announcements are typically made at events, rather than through the magazine.
This leaves speculation regarding new anime adaptations. Here are some of my thoughts on the speculation:

  • Harumination: I consider an adaptation unlikely, as if it were popular enough, it probably would’ve received one already. Also, I don’t see how the art style can be adapted into animation.
  • Machikado Mazoku: Much of the speculation among Japanese fans revolves around this manga. I think it fairly likely for an adaptation of this manga to occur.
  • Swap⇔Swap: In comparison, the Western fans want this manga to be adapted. Likewise, I think it’s likely that it will get an adaptation.
  • Dropout Idol Fruit Tart: One person on Twitter speculated on this. I don’t think it’s as likely to get an adaptation as the above two manga.
  • Koisuru Asteroid: A fairly new manga compared to the others listed above, and ranked first in the New Yonkoma category of the 2018 edition of Yonkoma of tne Year. In light of this achievement, I think an adaptation announcement is likely, if not in the next three issues, then in the near future.

Anyway, it’s time for me to close out the year. I hope everyone had a great 2018, and I wish everyone a great 2019. Happy New Year!



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