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General (not-so-)mini-post 8

This is my eighth general mini-post. Or, it would be a mini-post, if I didn’t decide to repost some things from the second one. In any case, I’m currently working on episode 43 of Innocence Seekers: April Light, although progress is slow. However, I will instead discuss the background setting of Innocence Seekers.

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Off-topic post: Anime and manga discussion (fourth post)

This is yet another post discussing the anime and manga I’m looking at. This season there were four anime I had planned to watch. So far, I’m only watching two, while I intend to watch the other two at a later date. In addition, there are a fair amount of anime I’m looking at for the next season, and a few that will air in 2019 and beyond.

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General mini-post 5

This is my fifth general mini-post. I’ve recently added Episode 30 of Innocence Seekers: April Light to the site, and Episode 31 is in the works right now (albeit in my head). Also, I’ve upgraded the server hosting this website to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but it wasn’t without issues.

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