General mini-post 5

This is my fifth general mini-post. I’ve recently added Episode 30 of Innocence Seekers: April Light to the site, and Episode 31 is in the works right now (albeit in my head). Also, I’ve upgraded the server hosting this website to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but it wasn’t without issues.

Concering Innocence Seekers: April Light, I haven’t actually decided how many episodes Chapter 3 will have. Already I’ve released six episodes, and I’m nowhere near having my characters retrieve even just one of the World Orbs. It’s possible that as I go, I may expand the chapter to fifteen, eighteen or maybe even twenty-five episodes. Anyway, regardless of how Chapter 3 will turn out, I really need to start working on Chapter 4, which is likely to be set on Elrodom.

I’ve taken the opportunity in the past few weeks to reconfigure the site. The first thing you may have noticed is that I’ve switched the site over to a wildcard TLS certificate. This allows me to add subdomains to the website, and so far I have two additional subdomains: beta and dev. Currently the beta subdomain redirects to the www subdomain, but it will eventually hold the redevloped site. The dev subdomain is password-protected, and is not meant for public viewing; I will use this to test things out, and right now it is empty.

The upgrade didn’t go exactly as planned. The new version of Apache installed actually forced me to reconfigure a crucial aspect of my server. To elaborate, the standard version of PHP that can run within the server program itself requires a component that in recent versions of Apache is incompatible with HTTP/2. This forced me to install the FastCGI version of PHP, and that in itself added some new configuration issues, mainly concerning how directories without index pages and attempts to access nonexistent PHP scripts are handled.

With regards to manga, I’ve started reading some additional Manga Time Kirara manga. The most notable of the new manga to come out in the Manga Time Kirara magazines, though, is the new K-On! manga, K-On! Shuffle. Before June, which is when the main magazine announced it, I hadn’t heard about anything concerning Kakifly, and I had suspected that a lack of contact was the main reason the K-On! characters were not in Kirara Fantasia. But now that he’s producing the next entry in what is now a series, the characters of the original have now made an appearance in the mobile game.

Over a week ago they have announced the cast and staff for the anime adaptation of Anima Yell!, and I noticed some familiar names among the cast. Two of them, Mikako Izawa (Uki Sawatari) and Haruka Shiraishi (Kana Ushiku), have actually had major roles in previous Manga Time Kirara adaptations (Izawa as Moeko Tokita of Wakaba*Girl, Shiraishi as Ruri Hibarigaoka of Anne Happy), and another, Tomori Kusunoki (Kotetsu Tatejima), voices Kirara of Kirara Fantasia, and also played Miki Tokura, Eiko’s sister in Slow Start. For the other two, Yuka Ozaki (Kohane Hatoya) and Yuina Yamada (Hizume Arima), this is their first major role in a Kirara-related work.

Anyway, that’ll be all for now.