Tag: Site issues

  • General mini-post 5

    This is my fifth general mini-post. I’ve recently added Episode 30 of Innocence Seekers: April Light to the site, and Episode 31 is in the works right now (albeit in my head). Also, I’ve upgraded the server hosting this website to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but it wasn’t without issues.

  • Fifth general post

    It has been well over a year since my last general post. In that time, I haven’t had much time to focus on my side projects, and have focused quite a fair bit on Innocence Seekers: April Light. This post will be like the previous general posts.

  • Planned site maintenance (from 2017-08-06)

    Beginning tomorrow, I intend to do some site maintenance, mainly to improve the site’s HTTPS implementation (as well as renew the site certificate). As part of this maintenance, I will test an upgrade to HTTP/2. This requires some work from my end, since the version of Apache bundled with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS does not support…

  • Website Notice: The wiki is down 🙁 (UPDATE: Fixed)

    I was going to post something about Yume ni Aruku, but, after upgrading the server to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the wiki is now down. From what I know, it’s an issue that resulted from upgrading PHP from 5.x to 7.0. I’ll try to fix the issue as soon as possible, but I have no guarantees.…