Category: Side projects

  • New side project: Five to Save the World

    While I’m still working on Innocence Seekers: April Light (I hope to have the final episode of chapter 3 finished by the end of June), I’ve decided to take the time to announce a new side project. What is unique about this project is that it will actually be entirely written in Namari. Its title…

  • General mini-post 7

    This is my seventh general mini-post. I’m working on episode 42 of Innocence Seekers: April Light, although a combination of writers’ block and drowsiness (possibly a side effect of medication I’m taking) is partially hindering my progress.

  • General mini-post 4

    Apologies for the break I’m having from Innocence Seekers: April Light. However, I’m close to finishing episode 29, and will publish it within the next few days. However, this blog post will be yet another general mini-post.

  • Fifth general post

    It has been well over a year since my last general post. In that time, I haven’t had much time to focus on my side projects, and have focused quite a fair bit on Innocence Seekers: April Light. This post will be like the previous general posts.

  • Fourth general post

    Now that I’ve completed the first chapter of Innocence Seekers: April Light, I’ve decided to write up another general post. It will talk about the same things the other three general posts talked about.

  • Third general post (Christmas edition)

    I hope you had a merry Christmas. I’ve decided to dedicate some of my time over the Christmas/New Year period to write this blog post, the third of my general blog posts. Like the previous two, it will discuss things I’ve been working on, and the things I’ve been following.

  • Second general post

    This is my second general post, detailing what I have been doing, and my plans for the near future. It is similar to my first general post, and will largely talk about the same things. Be warned, though, there will be spoilers for Innocence Seekers ahead.

  • First general post

    This post will be my first general post, which will detail what I have been doing, and the plans I have for the near future. This includes things such as Innocence Seekers and my side projects, but also things unrelated to them, such as anime and manga.

  • Yume ni Aruku – Trivia

    This will be another trivia post, but this time I will be talking about Yume ni Aruku, one of my side projects. One thing to note is that while Yume ni Aruku shares many similarities with Innocence Seekers, such as the magic system, there are some differences as well, and the two projects are set…

  • Yume ni Aruku: a brief introduction

    For this blog post, I will introduce Yume ni Aruku. This project was conceived a while ago, and its original concept was a group of girls who were sent to another world. While many things have changed since then, the original concept is still a significant part of the story.