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In the Innocence Seekers video games, Health Points (often abbreviated as HP) are a measure of a character's vitality. It determines how much damage a character can take, and when it reaches zero, the character is incapacitated.

Damage and healing

In gameplay, any damage taken is subtracted from the character's current HP. Conversely, healing adds to the character's current HP. Characters also have a maximum HP, which is the highest value the character's current HP can be, and can only be increased by buffs, stat-increasing items, or gaining levels. When a character's HP reaches zero, he/she is incapacitated (unless the character has the Auto-Revive status) and must be revived using special items or spells.


In all video games, maximum HP is capped. For player characters, it is 40,000,000,000 (reaching this without equipment is impossible because it requires a base HP of at least 1,862, and the practical maximum is 1,220). For enemies, the cap is 99,999,999,999,999,999,999 (which requires a base HP of at least 4,654,340,077,034).

  • The high HP cap for enemies means that a 128-bit integer would be needed to store HP. Since most programming languages do not have native 128-bit integers, a special class is needed for this variable (fortunately, the damage cap fits within a 64-bit integer).