A new story

While development on Innocence Seekers has stalled due to university commitments, I am planning to start publishing on this website a new story. Titled Yume ni Aruku (夢に歩く, meaning “to walk towards one’s dream” in Japanese), it is a set of three loosely connected stories that will ultimately link to Innocence Seekers. While I cannot reveal much about the stories yet (to avoid spoiling people), the three stories have in common a world named Kariuba, which is a world inhabited by magic-users who left Earth 3500 years before the present.
I will not reveal much about the second and third stories yet, but the first story follows Shion Masaki and her group of friends as they are called into Kariuba and become involved in a battle that could potentially decide the fate of both worlds.
Shion was, before December 13, 2009, an ordinary nine-year-old girl who lived in Tokyo. She and her friends knew nothing about the fate that awaited them. When Kariuba calls for Shion, it will be the beginning of a journey that will not only change her life, but also the fates of both Earth and Kariuba.