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Off-topic post: Manga reviews and discussion

For this post I will be talking about some of the manga I’ve taken an interest to. Due to the fact that not much manga I’m interested in are licensed in my region, I’m often forced to either import them or read them on less-than-trustworthy sites. There are even more problems if the manga I’m interested in are not even licensed in any English-speaking region (or scanlated into English). This means I have to read the original Japanese, and my Japanese is not at the point where I can read seinen/josei without a dictionary (yes, there are programs which allow you to search kanji by drawing them; I use one myself).

In this post I will be talking about Manga Time Kirara manga. The manga in this magazine series cover a wide variety of genres (particularly those in Manga Time Kirara Forward), ranging from the “standard” schoolgirl slice-of-life, to genres such as romance, harem, yuri, and even action and adventure (including fantasy and science-fiction), and this is not an exhaustive list. Regardless of the genre of its manga, the series mainly focuses on moe, so expect many cute girls. I will talk about some of the manga in this series, and for some of them, give very short reviews or grades. For the grading system I use, it is similar to that used for anime, as detailed here.

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Off-topic post: Anime I watched and am watching (fifth post)

This will be another off-topic post detailing the anime I’m watching. I will be mentioning some of the anime airing this season, as well as some of the anime airing the next season. These include things such as my thoughts on the anime, as well as my level of interest in them. Because it is still too early, I will not be giving any grades to any of the anime I’m watching.

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