A new chapter, a new character

This post will detail some of the plans I have for the second chapter of Innocence Seekers: April Light. In particular, I will introduce a new character who did not appear at all in the first chapter. I should warn you, though, that although I’ve tried to avoid obvious spoilers, there may still be some spoilers in this blog post, not just for April Light, but also for Mimori Flower Club.

In the first chapter, it was mentioned that the leader of the Zodiac Warriors, Yamamoto, had been acting strange. This hinted that not all is well within the Zodiac Warriors. While I have decided what the actual problem was, I won’t say because of spoilers. However, I will give the first signs sometime in this chapter.

At the end of the chapter, Natasha outright stated that Jacinta was in Madrid for personal reasons. This was elaborated upon a bit by Natasha, and I wouldn’t have gone into that much detail had it not been important. What is really important, though, is that she stated the name of a person whom the protagonists must avoid. Again, if this weren’t an important piece of information, I wouldn’t have mentioned it. I’ll elaborate on the significance of these later, but they’ll start to come into play in the second chapter.

Finally, I’ll introduce a new character. Her name is Tamaki Urushibayashi (漆林 たまき), and she attends the same school as Uzuki. Her birthday is February 2 (which is today), and is a few months older than Uzuki. Like Uzuki and the others, she is a member of the Mimori Flower Club. While she did not appear in the first chapter of April Light, she is a character of Mimori Flower Club, and, in fact, the protagonist of The Cave of Illusions (while in that game the player can choose the player character’s name, in the actual stories it is Tamaki who takes part in the investigation of the Cave of Illusions). In the actual story, she joins Uzuki and the others in searching for the World Orbs.

That’s all I’ll say for now.

P.S. It’s Twintail Day in Japan, and speaking of twintails, it’s also the birthday of Aoba Suzukaze of New Game!. I would’ve drawn one of my own twintailed characters (such as Akari) as well, but I didn’t have the time, and my drawing arm was hurting.

Edit (2017-02-07): Actually, due to a conscious design decision relating to localisability and translatability, naming will not be implemented in The Cave of Illusions. The names of everyone and everything will either be fixed or chosen from a hard-coded list.