Innocence Seekers: April Light – Episode 13 is released

The first episode of the second chapter of Innocence Seekers: April Light has just been released. You can read it on the wiki here.

As of now, I don’t have a set timetable for the release of future episodes. However, I’ve already finished episode 14, and have nearly finished episode 15, so I’ll post the former very soon (I’ve chosen not to do a double release this time), and the latter probably around a week after the former is released.

These three episodes introduce two new characters. The first is Tamaki Urushibayashi (漆林 たまき), a member of the Mimori Flower Club, who first appears in episode 13, and the second is Miho Koyanagi (小柳 美穂), a student of Mikura Elementary School, who first appears in episode 15 (which also bears her name).