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Website Notice: The wiki is down :( (UPDATE: Fixed)

I was going to post something about Yume ni Aruku, but, after upgrading the server to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the wiki is now down. From what I know, it’s an issue that resulted from upgrading PHP from 5.x to 7.0. I’ll try to fix the issue as soon as possible, but I have no guarantees. As such, the wiki will remain down until further notice. The wiki is now fixed.

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Off-topic post: Anime I watched and am watching (second post)

This is my second post describing the anime I have watched. I will describe some of the anime I have watched in the past year, as well as some of the anime I am watching right now. Note that I will be giving ratings to some of the anime I have watched. This will NOT include anime which have never been released outside of East and Southeast Asia in some way, shape or form. With one exception, I will only talk about anime with full-length episodes.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I only started watching simulcasts in July of last year. For Summer 2015, I watched three simulcasts, consisting of three full-length episode series. For Autumn/Fall 2015, I initially watched six simulcasts, although that eventually went down to two (the only simulcasts I watched to the end were the two full-length episode series I watched that season). For Winter 2016, I watched four simulcasts, with one full-length episode series (which I later dropped) and three shorts. As of now, I’m watching five full-length episode series and one short.

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Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light Character Introduction – Hiyori Kigawa

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the bios for the characters of Innocence Seekers: Akari of the Light, an entry of Innocence Seekers: The Black Rose. I have already posted three entries, that of Akari Kuritani, Michiru Kurosawa, and Yayoi Miyana. This will be another of these posts, which will detail Hiyori.

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Innocence Seekers, Yume ni Aruku, and the new project

In this post I will be outlining what I plan to do with my projects in the near future. Lately I have been distracted by a ton of new ideas and concepts flying into my head, so I haven’t been working on Innocence Seekers much. These ideas and concepts have inspired so many side projects (many of them unannounced here) I really need to prune them off. So, I’ve decided to plan what I will do in the near future.

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Big Announcements! (APRIL FOOLS!)

Right… I apparently have some big announcements to make, concerning both Innocence Seekers, and things completely unrelated to it. First off, some of the Innocence Seekers video games will feature full voice acting, in both English and Japanese (and possibly other languages). I’m not sure who will be taking the roles of the main characters, though. Another announcement is that I will be starting a web comic relating to Innocence Seekers. I will also be starting a new project, to be set in post-apocalyptic Japan. Lastly, Yume ni Aruku will be getting an anime adaptation, to be aired in July 2299. ;D (APRIL FOOLS! :D)

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